Customizable to any E-Mobility drivetrain

Fully scalable: the drivetek motor

Flexible not only in shape but also in terms of its technical characteristics, this traction motor platform for e-mobility can be scaled to fit the precise requirements of each application, making it a compact, efficient drive system for any hybrid or electric vehicle. Cost-effective mass production is ensured as a result of its simple design. It can easily be combined with the SKAI inverter and QUASAR motor control software to produce electric drivetrains with optimized costs.

Key features

The drivetek motor is an internal permanent magnet machine (IPM), also known as a hybrid synchronous motor. By combining a permanent magnet machine with a reluctance machine, it is possible to select the motor characteristics that are best suited to the customers’ specific needs. The wide constant power range makes it ideal for traction drive trains.

The high rotational speed, integrated water cooling and space saving-design result in an extremely compact model.

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