MPPT 7500 - Maximum efficiency ensures maximum energy yield

drivetek’s new Maximum Power Point Tracker has been specifically designed for maritime applications. The system guarantees maximum efficiency over a wide operating range. The circuit topology used by drivetek has been optimized to increase converter efficiency compared with conventional technologies – particularly with light loads. Even at 33% load, the efficiency is more than 99%, guaranteeing maximum energy yield throughout an entire solar cycle.

Optimized functions for maritime and other demanding vehicle applications

The high power density of the MPPT (1.31 kW / litre) enables a lightweight, compact and modular design. Accurate dynamic tracking optimally compensates for the motion of the PV generator. 6 modules are suitable for a 19” housing and produce 45 kW overall power output. The integrated high-power DC fuses in the input and output ensure safe operation with heavy-duty battery systems. Flexible drivetek battery management functions ensure that the MPPT is ideally matched to the selected battery system. A speed-controlled fan minimizes dust settlement, maintaining extremely high reliability of the MPPT, even in hostile environmental conditions. The CAN interface with implemented CAN-Open protocol allows you to easily integrate the MPPT in your energy system.

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Project PlanetSolar

PlanetSolar is a unique project with the aim of circumnavigating the globe in a revolutionary, solar-powered catamaran. As project manager, drivetek is responsible for the fully electronic drive system and optimum coordination and specification of the components. We are also supplying the drive unit, comprising, motor and inverter, and the Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPT 7500).