This project was brought to life by the University of Stuttgartā€™s Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics when they won the Berblinger Prize in 2007. The development goal was a two-seat, ultra-modern and powerful electrically powered aircraft that was still suitable for everyday use.


The fuel cell drive system of the Hydrogenius consists of an air / hydrogen fuel cell and an electric motor. The electric motor is a water-cooled, brushless permanent magnet synchronous weighing less than 30 kg. The motor has a power output of up to 90 kW and an efficiency of over 93%.

Cruising Power

The drive is completely free of pollutants and emits no substances other than pure water. The electric motor operates at relatively low speeds and thus ensures an extremely quiet aircraft. This is another big advantage over conventional aircraft.

drivetek ag

Based on its experience with efficient and lightweight aircraft engines, drivetek developed and delivered the power electronics and the drive software for the Hydrogenius project. Drivetek ag also carried out system and test bench tests on our in-house engine test bed.