drivetek Realizes a Drive System of Superlatives

PlanetSolar is a unique project, which plans to circumnavigate the globe in a revolutionary solar-powered catamaran. With this electric drive system, we have shown the impressive efficiency of modern drive technology.


Driveline Project Management

drivetek designed and dimensioned the complete electric drive system. As a project manager, we are responsible for ensuring the performance, optimal matching and specification of drive components. We also coordinate activities to achieve on time completion.

Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT)

drivetek supplied Planet Solar with MPPT electronics designed for an optimized efficiency of 98% over a very wide power range.

Additional Product Information "MPPT 7500"

Drive Unit (Inverter/Motor)

As drivetek is specialized in electrical drive systems it was able to supply the motor and inverters of the PlanetSolar drive units. The drive units were specifically optimized in terms of efficiency in view of the specifics of the PlanetSolar application. This means that the entire unit was designed to have a particularly high efficiency in the partial load range. The inverters are highly integrated IGBTs and the motors are of the liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous type.

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