The Series Champion by drivetek – now even more efficient

With the new 4.0 version of the MPPT Race, the maximum efficiency has been optimized over its entire load range. This guarantees a remarkably higher energy yield throughout an entire solar cycle.

Its refined tracking algorithm and maximum efficiency of up to 99% have made the drivetek MPPT into the first choice for solar powered vehicles for years.

This Tracker has won solar races around the world.  The Dutch Nuon team, using the drivetek MPPT, has already won the Wold Solar Challenge in Australia four times!

We can also offer a customized low voltage setup for boats.

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Additional Information:
Download Datasheet MPPT Race V4.0
Download Datasheet MPPT Race V4.0 Low Voltage Setup
Download Manual MPPT Race V4.0

For customers who are already successfully using drivetek's MPPT version 3.0, we offer the possibility of an upgrade to version 4.0.

For further information do not hesitate to contact our MPPT team.