Embedded and Windows Solutions

Capabilities in embedded and Windows applications are important components in drivetek’s power solutions.

The structured, method-supported procedure according to the drivetek VEE- process model makes drivetek into a reliable development partner. Programming is done in either drivetek Styleguide, MISRA C or any other language of your choice.

Drivetek has a wealth of experience in engine control, real time applications and power converter software.  In addition, we have experience in different communication modules for serial interfaces, USB, CAN (CANOpen, J1939) and Ethernet.  To date we have implemented various processors: Freescale, Microchip, 8051 derivatives, Infineon Tricore, C166/C167 as well as Texas Instruments DSPs. Established module solutions out of drivetek’s library minimize risk and development time.

As an active member in Texas Instrument’s DSP Third Party Network we would be happy to support you with your TI DSP projects or help you get started off on the right foot in your next project.