Commited to Sustainability

Electrical Energy is a valuable resource!  That is why drivetek applies advanced technology to save energy using high efficiencies or through taking advantage of available renewable energy resources. 

High technology forms the basis for highly efficient variable rpm permanent magnet generators, low-loss converter topologies as well as inverters for power export back to the electrical grid or an island solution. Our variable rpm technology can noticeably improve the low load ranges in wind and water power generation.

drivetek’s technology can make small source power generation economically viable. Owing to synergies with automotive and industry solution development, drivetek is able to provide economical components and systems.

As the former Ecopower Energy Solutions Inc. development team, drivetek already has a vast wealth of experience in Combined Heat and Power generation (CHP or co-generation).  We have been able to consistently apply this knowledge to Stirling and spark-ignition engines as well as fuel cell CHP solutions.