Automotive Innovation

Drivetek system solutions have found use in various automotive engineering applications.  Our focus is primarily on the research and initial-development of traction systems and electrical actuators for use in next generation automobiles.

Professional traction and assist drives for electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles require a high degree of system comprehension and fully engineered technology.  That’s where drivetek comes in.  We can supply support from the conception phase with the associated drive cycle simulations all the way to component development and testing phase on our own test stands. We are proficient in the entire drive system chain from intelligent battery management, converters and inverters all the way through to the traction drive.

Our second field of expertise in this demanding area is in highly integrated electrical actuators.  Our technology has already been applied to steering assists, brake actuators, throttle valve regulators, compressors, superchargers and electrical turbochargers.

We are your contact wherever mechanical, electronic and electrical motor systems need to be brought into harmony.